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Our Mission here at KingaKare is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in a home based setting
Daycare Provider
We care for your little ones
When our daughter was born nearly 5 years ago, we initially tried the 'big box" daycare center, only to soon discover that our little girl seemed lost and overwhelmed with so many children always about. Occasional visits left us frustrated when we discovered our baby was very unhappy. After just a few months of that, we found a home based environment where she settled into nicely.
Kinga decided she wanted to stay at home with our daughter. As a registered nurse, she knew she had what it took to care for and nuture not only her child but others as well. Our center is stuctured with continuity of care in mind, a small staff of 2 and licensed for no more than 10 children.
We welcome your inquiries for all your needs including special needs children.